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Aurum Cantus
This Italian brand partnered with Jinlang Audio Company Ltd            
"is a 20 year old world's single largest designer & manufacturer of high quality loudspeakers, G series aluminum ribbon tweeters and woofers with over 20 different models available.They are known for their highly advanced Aero Striction Tweeters(AST)."            
It is designed to add value & comfort to listening.            
Trust your ears...            
TEAC Corporation is an electronics company based in Japan.            
"TEAC was created by the merger of the Tokyo Television Acoustic Company, founded in 1953, and the Tokyo Electro­ Acoustic Company, founded in 1956. It is known for its audio equipment, and was a primary manufacturer of high-end audio equipment in the 1970S and 1980s. TEAC produces reel­"            
"to-reels, cassette decks, CD players, turntables and amplifiers."            
Listening to High Fidelity reproduction of music can give you            
a lift or soothe and relax you depending on you r needs.Take a look at the beautifully crafted music systems illustrated on our pages and when you have selected one that looks right for you contact us & ask for a demonstration of a Plinius system that suits your style. Plinius deals with amplifiers of various types.            
The heart of Music ...            

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