About Us

The Company started in 2003 by a music enthusiast who is ideally in the world of business for years. But his fondness towards quality music got him into the world of high-end audiophiles. This inclination led him

to set up an exclusive showroom named ‘SKS Traders’ which deals with various international & renowned audiophile brands and caters to several clients all over India.

Presently, this business is the sole distributor for Aurum Cantus, Sugden, Plinius and Teac, the high-end audiophile brands in pan India & supplier for OrtoFon as well.

SKS Traders exclusive audiophile showroom at Kolkata also has a custom-made Home Theatre Demo room through high standard sound & projection system.

Our Motto

We deal with HiFi brands of audio and video systems but we sincerely aim at extending the perception of ‘Two Channel stereos’ to our listeners all over India.




Sugden Audio is an engineering company that manufactures hi-fi and audio equipment founded by James Edward Sugden in West Yorkshire in 1967. J.E.Sugden designed the world’s first commercially available solid state Pure Class A amplifier in 1967, it was called the A21. A21 produced the very low levels of distortion compared to other solid state amplifiers of the same time, it possessed a valve like sound quality. Through the years Sugden has produced many classic amplifiers, but A21 is still in production and remains as popular as it 50 years ago. This is the unique company where each Sugden product is built by one person by hand and this even includes soldering each component individually till date from last 50 years.

Plinius the New Zeland base company has for years had a great reputation for producing great, highly regarded amplifiers in this category. The current range has exceptional award winning pieces that can drive any speakers and will grace any listening environment with their lustrous finish and simple elegance. Hiato , Hautonga, Inspire 880, Inspire 980 are the most well known Integrated amplifiers.

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