SKS Traders is one of an Indian owned recognised well known leading Hi End home entertainment equipment distributer heading from Kolkata. We are providing extended support, consultation, service to the customers and dealers pan India for last 20 yrs.

Our goal is to provide excellent products and services within budget price. We are one of the proud authorised distributor for some world renowned brands of Audio (Speakers, Amplifiers, Turntables) products. We ensures product warranty along with hassle free after sales service.

SKS Traders listening room built with on the basis of depth knowledge on HI-Fi equipments having brilliant staffs with years of experience on Hi-Fi products to guide and help cordially and passionately to each customer / dealer.

We, SKS Traders being passionate about music, we neither compromise with quality nor deal with cheap products rather we believe original Value product is always a value addition to consumer’s profile. We provide worldwide leading brands of products which are best in quality, performance and reliability in terms of realistic Price.

SKS Traders deal with some worldwide renowned brands such as Aurum Cantus Speakers, Clearaudio Turntables and accessories, Sugden Amplifiers, Plinius Amplifiers and many more which will available in Pan India through our dealers and installers who are well known for their technical knowledge and commitment to customer service.

SKS Traders established on July 2003 in Kolkata by some audio enthusiasts and for Last 18 Years SKS Traders is providing service to many audio enthusiasts in India within their taste and budget.

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